Tools for cow speed calculation

Tool description

This tutorial presents how to calculate distance traveled, path sinuosity, and woodland preference index for each cow. There are 4 time periods considered: 24 hours; daytime hours; pre-sunrise night hours (from midnight to sunrise); and post-sunset night hours (from sunset to midnight).


We design a Java program that can automatically do this work. The program can be downloaded at link

Date format

The input of this the Java program are 3 files:

  1. DataWithPosition.csv. It contains 6 columns:

    1. CowID
    2. Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
    3. Time (hh:mm:ss AM/PM)
    4. Northing and easting (GPS coordinate)
    5. Woodlan (1 if the cow is in woodlang; -9999 else)
  2. Time.csv. It contains 3 columns:

    1. Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
    2. Sunrise and sunset (hh-mm-dd)
  3. Weather.csv. It contains 7 columns:

    1. Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
    2. Cum_PPT_in (float number)
    3. Act_PPT_in (float number)
    4. Temp_c (float number)
    5. Wind_degree (float number)
    6. Wind_mph (float number)
    7. Lunar (float number)

Here are the examples of these 3 files: DataWithPositionsample.csv Timeisample.csv Weathersample.csv

Run program

Put your data and the Java program under the same folder, then run

java -cp Calculations.jar

Then the program will output 2 files DistanceandSiniosity.csv, CompleteProcessedData.csv. Here are the examples of the output files: DistanceandSiniosity.csv CompleteProcessedData.csv

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