Tools for cow data partitioning

Tool description

This tutorial presents how to partition a GPS data collection of cows into 3 period by utilizing MySQL database management system.

The GPS data contains GPS coordinates for each cow over a whole day. One day can be divided into 3 period: pre-sunrise, day time and post sunset. This tutorial shows the instructions of using MySQL database management software to partition the data into 3 periods: pre-sunrise, day time and post sunset. The results can benefit other range research that works on a certain period of the GPS data.

Download and install MySQL and MySQL workbench

  1. Download and install MySQL from link

  2. Download and install MySQL workbench from link

Create a new connection to MySQL database

  1. Open MySQL workbench

    mysql-workbench-1.png click to zoom in

  2. Click new connection button

    mysql-workbench-2.png click to zoom in

  3. Name the new connection

    mysql-workbench-3.png click to zoom in

  4. Double click new connection, you will see a new window opened

    mysql-workbench-4.png click to zoom in

Create a new database for your cow data

Setup password for root user (optional) in the new opened SQL File window, type

SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('newpwd');

mysql-workbench-5.png click to zoom in

Then click execute button to execute the script.

Preprocessing the data

  1. Convert your GPS data into csv format and use comma as delimiter. In total the csv file should only have 5 columns. They are: CowID,Date,Time,northing,easting

    Here is an example of GPS data.

  2. Convert your sunset/sunrise data into csv format and use comma as delimiter. In total the csv file should only have 3 columns. They are: Date,Sunrise,Sunset

    Here is an example of time data.

  3. Open cowcalf.sql file from MySQL workbench.

    mysql-workbench-6.png click to zoom in

    1. Specify the path of input GPS data and sunset/sunrise data.
    2. Specify the path of output data: pre.csv, day.csv, post.csv.
    3. Execute cowcalf.sql. The GPS data will be partitioned into 3 period and written to the output data file specified by step 2.

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