Accepted papers

The recently accepted papers in TPLP are the following:

    1. A Logic-Based Framework Leveraging Neural Networks for Studying the Evolution of Neurological Disorders. Francesco Calimeri, Francesco Cauteruccio, Luca Cinelli, Aldo Marzullo, Claudio Stamile, Giorgio Terracina, Francoise Durand-Dubief, Dominique Sappey-Marinier.
    2. OntoScene, A Logic-based Scene Interpreter:Implementation and Application in the Rock Art Domain Daniela Briola, Viviana Mascardi, Massimiliano Gioseffi.
    3. Rethinking Defeasible Reasoning: A Scalable Approach   MICHAEL J. MAHER, ILIAS TACHMAZIDIS, GRIGORIS ANTONIOU, STEPHEN WADE and LONG CHENG
    4. A Single-Shot Epistemic Logic Program Solver Manuel Bichler, Michael Morak, and Stefan Woltran
    5. Boosting Answer Set Optimization with Weighted Comparator Networks JORI BOMANSON and TOMI JANHUNEN
    6. Train Scheduling with Hybrid Answer Set Programming Dirk Abels, Julian Jordi, Max Ostrowski, Torsten Schaub, Ambra Toletti, Philipp Wanko.
    7. Splitting Epistemic Logic Programs Cabalar, Pedro; Fandinno, Jorge, FariƱas del Cerro, Luis corr:
    8. Omission-based Abstraction for Answer Set Programs Saribatur, Zeynep G; Eiter, Thomas
    9. Characterizing Boundedness in Chase Variants Stathis Delivorias, Michel Leclere, Marie-Laure Mugnier, Federico Ulliana
    10. Restricted Chase Termination for Existential Rules: a
      Hierarchical Approach and Experimentation
      Authors: Arash Karimi, Heng Zhang, Jia-Huai You