Accepted papers

The recently accepted papers in TPLP are the following:

  1. Hybrid ASP-based Approach to Frequent Pattern Mining
    Paramonov, Sergey; Stepanova, Daria; Miettinen, Pauli
  2. Semantic DMN: Formalizing and Reasoning About Decisions in the Presence of Background Knowledge
    Calvanese, Diego; Dumas, Marlon; Maggi, Fabrizio; Montali, Marco
  3. The External Interface for Extending WASP
    Dodaro, Carmine; Ricca, Francesco
  4. Efficiently Coupling the I-DLV Grounder with ASP Solvers
    Dodaro, Carmine; Calimeri, Francesco; Fuscà, Davide; Perri, Simona; Zangari, Jessica
  5. A Concurrent Constraint Programming Interpretation of Access Olarte, Carlos; Pimentel, Elaine; Rueda, Camilo
  6. Property-based testing for Spark Streaming. A. Riesco and J. Rodriguez-Hortala.
  7. An Application of ASP Theories of Intentions to Understanding Restaurant Scenarios. Insights and Narrative Corpus Authors: Qinglin Zhang, Chris Benton, Daniela Inclezan.
  8. Optimizing Answer Set Computation via Heuristic-Based Decomposition: Francesco Calimeri,  Simona Perri,  Jessica Zangari.
  9. The Seventh Answer Set Programming Competition: Design and Results Martin Gebser, Marco Maratea, Francesco Ricca
  10. Action-Centered Information Retrieval Marcello Balduccini, Emily LeBlanc
  11. A Logic Framework for P2P Deductive Databases Luciano Caroprese and Ester Zumpano
  12. Implementing a Library for Probabilistic Programming using Non-strict Non-determinism. Sandra Dylus, Jan Christiansen, and Finn Teegen