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Jan Wielemaker (VU Amsterdam)

Tom Schrijvers (Univ. Gent)

Markus Triska (TU Wien)

Torbjörn Lager (Univ. of Gothenburg)


SWI-Prolog is neither a commercial Prolog system nor a purely academic enterprise, but increasingly a community project. The core system has been shaped to its current form while being used as a tool for building research prototypes, primarily for  knowledge-intensive and  interactive systems. Community contributions have added several interfaces and the constraint (CLP) libraries. Commercial involvement has created the initial garbage collector, added several interfaces and two development tools: PlDoc (a literate programming documentation system) and PlUnit (a unit testing environment).
In this article we present SWI-Prolog as an integrating tool, supporting a wide range of ideas developed in the Prolog community and acting as glue between  foreign resources. This article itself is the glue between technical articles on SWI-Prolog, providing context and experience in applying them over a longer period.

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