12 (4-5) 3

Compiling Finite Domain Constraints to SAT with BEE

Amit Metodi
Michael Codish
(Department of Computer Science, Ben-Gurion University, Israel)


We present BEE, a compiler which enables to encode finite domain constraint problems to CNF. Using BEE both eases the encoding process for the user and also performs transformations to simplify constraints and optimize their encoding to CNF. These optimizations are based primarily on equi-propagation and on partial evaluation, and also on the idea that a given constraint may have various possible CNF encodings. Often, the better encoding choice is made after constraint simplification. BEE is written in Prolog and integrates directly with a SAT solver through a suitable Prolog interface. We demonstrate that constraint simplification is often highly beneficial when solving hard finite domain constraint problems. A BEE implementation is available with this paper.
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