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Editorial, March 2014

Dear LPers, Welcome back – your ALP newsletter is glad to give you a belated “Happy 2014” with its first issue of the year. The ALP newsletter is regularly rotating the membership to its editorial board; after 4 years of…

Book Announcement

Communicated by Krzysztof Apt

Antoni Niederlinski
A Gentle Guide to Constraint Logic Programming
via ECLiPSe Third edition, 2014, 570 p. ISBN 978-83-62652-08-2

The book is freely downloadable from

Editorial – December 2013

Dear LP’ers, welcome to the last issue of our ALP newsletter for the 2013. It has been a busy year, with many interesting events. As we get to the end of the year, we reflect on how our beloved LP…


By Marco Gavanelli
University of Ferrara

Editorial, September 2013

Dear LPers, we are back. We know you were worried about our health, it is the first time we delay the issue. Well: no problems. The reason for the delay was predicted in June Editorial: most of our favourite conferences…