3 Doctoral (PostDoctoral) Positions in KRR/ASP

The Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR) groups at the University of Leipzig and Potsdam headed by Gerhard Brewka and Torsten Schaub, respectively, are looking for Doctoral (or PostDoctoral) Researchers in the area of KRR, in particular, Answer Set Programming (ASP) and Multi-Context Systems (MCS).

All three positions are part of the DFG research unit on “Hybrid Reasoning in Intelligent Systems”: http://www.hybrid-reasoning.org

The groups in Leipzig and Potsdam are jointly investigating two research projects:

  • From Correlation to Causality: Reasoning Over Dynamic Protein Interaction Networks
    (This project is done in collaboration with Michael Schroeder/TU Dresden.)
  • Advanced Solving Technology for Dynamic and Reactive Applications

The positions are based at the following locations:

  • Leipzig: 1 position
    Topics:  Hybrid and Reactive MCS, Reactive Argumentation and Decision Making, Multi-Criteria Optimization
  • Potsdam: 2 positions
    Topics:  Hybrid, Incremental, and Reactive ASP, Multi-Criteria Optimization

Successful candidates hold either a MSc (or PhD) in Computer Science or a related discipline and have an interest in logic-based KRR, in particular, ASP, MCS, or related areas.

The appointment is initially for 3 years and afterwards subject to project extension. The salaries follow the German E13 scheme and depend on the applicant’s work experience. Initial screening of applications begins immediately and the position remains open until filled.

Applications: Please contact Gerhard Brewka and/or Torsten Schaub, preferably via email to

  • Gerhard Brewka <brewka@informatik.uni-leipzig.de>
  • Torsten Schaub <torsten@cs.uni-potsdam.de>