Thematic series on Constraints and Bioinformatics
AMB: Algorithms for Molecular Biology
Submission deadline: April 30th, 2011.

The technology of Constraint and Constraint Logic Programming has shown to be effective for a multitude of computational problems of modern bio-sciences, which are typically complex and often NP-hard. Constraint-based methods contribute essentially to the tool set of Bioinformatics, due to their ability to simplify problem modeling and face computationally challenging problems. These techniques emerged in bioinformatics more than 10 years ago, introduced at the workshops Constraints and Bioinformatics/Biocomputing associated to CP97 and CP98. Since 2005, the Workshops on Constraint based methods for Bioinformatics (WCB series) haven taken place annually. Topics of particular interest comprise (but are not limited to) sequence analysis, biological systems simulations, protein structure prediction and docking, structure alignment, pedigree analysis, and haplotype inference. The thematic series is open to any original paper in the area that has not been published elsewhere. In particular, we encourage the submission of full papers corresponding to presentations in recent editions of the WCB series.

Submissions will be handled directly by AMB as explained here:

In the COVERING LETTER, please state that you are submitting for the thematic series on Constraints and Bioinformatics, with associate editors

Rolf Backofen, Alessandro Dal Palu’,
Agostino Dovier, and Sebastian Will.

Please feel free to contact any of them for further questions.