PPDP 2010: Accepted Papers

Invited talk

  • Sumit Gulwani
    Dimensions in Program Synthesis.


  • K. Tuncay Tekle, Michael Gorbovitski and Yanhong A. Liu.
    Graph queries through Datalog optimizations.
  • K. Tuncay Tekle and Yanhong A. Liu.
    Precise complexity analysis for efficient Datalog queries.
  • Senlin Liang and Michael Kifer.
    Deriving Predicate Statistics in Datalog.


  • Thierry Martinez.
    Semantics-preserving translations between Linear Concurrent Constraint Programming and Constraint Handling Rules.
  • Miquel Bofill, Dídac Busquets and Mateu Villaret.
    A declarative approach to robust weighted Max-SAT.

Semantics and implementation

  • Yukiyoshi Kameyama and Asami Tanaka.
    Complete Axioms for Call-by-Name Delimited Control.
  • Kenichi Asai and Arisa Kitani.
    Functional Derivation of Virtual Machine for Delimited Continuations.
  • Carl Friedrich Bolz, Michael Leuschel and David Schneider.
    Towards a Jitting VM for Prolog Execution.

Web applications

  • Manuel Serrano.
    HSS: a compiler for Cascading Style Sheets.
  • Florent Jacquemard and Michael Rusinowitch.
    Rewrite based Verification of XML Updates.


  • Paul Tarau.
    Axiomatizations as Type Classes: Declarative Modeling of Finite Mathematics.
  • Wolfgang Jeltsch.
    Generic Record Combinators with Static Type Checking.
  • Franco Barbanera and Ugo de Liguoro.
    Two Notions of Sub-behaviour for Session-based Client/Server Systems.

Invited talk

  • Maria Paola Bonacina
    On theorem proving for program checking: Historical perspective and recent developments.

Logic and meta-programming

  • Gilles Dowek and Murdoch Gabbay. Permissive nominal logic.
  • Andrew Gacek.
    Relating Nominal and HOAS Specifications.
  • Zachary Snow, David Baelde and Gopalan Nadathur.
    A Meta-Programming Approach to Realizing Dependently Typed Logic Programming.

Web applications

  • Paul Fodor and Michael Kifer.
    Tabling for Transaction Logic.
  • Romain Demeyer, Maxime Van Assche, Ludovic Langevine and Wim Vanhoof.
    Declarative Workflows to Efficiently Manage Flexible and Advanced Business Processes.

Matching and resources

  • Patrick Baillot and Martin Hofmann.
    Type inference in Intuitionistic Linear Logic.
  • Thibaut Balabonski.
    Optimality for Dynamic Patterns.
  • Claus Brabrand and Jakob G. Thomsen.
    Typed and Unambiguous Pattern Matching on Strings using Regular Expressions.